1978-2018 Montemarciano ricorda Aldo Moro

Montemarciano ricorda Aldo MoroOn the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the death of the Hon. Aldo Moro and the agents of his escort, the Municipality of Montemarciano has organized a series of initiatives to remember the deep bond that unites, still today, our community to his family: the Statist’s wife, Eleonora Chiavarelli, lived in Montemarciano and in Sanctuary of NS dei Lumi di Alberici the couple joined in marriage on April 5, 1945.

The entire montemarcianese community lived with anguish the dramatic 55 days since the kidnapping of the President of the Christian Democracy and the barbaric massacre of the escort led to the tragic epilogue of May 9, 1978 and today remembers those terrible events with the plaque on the façade of the former headquarters municipal and with the title to the statesman of the central square of the capital.

On the afternoon of Wednesday 9 May, the exhibition “RECORDING HUMAN” will be inaugurated at the premises of the Biblioteca Comunale, which contains materials from the Flamigni Archive Documentation Center and the Corriere Adriatico.
The exhibition will remain open from May 9th to June 9th, during the opening days of the Library (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3.30pm to 6.15pm).

On the evening of the same day the film “Piazza delle Cinque Lune” will be shown in the Council Chamber.

On the morning of Sunday 13 May, after the memorization of the victims of those tragic events, the commemorative ceremony will take place, followed by a public meeting at the Municipal Theater with the journalist and politician Gero Grassi, former member of the bicameral Commission of ‘investigation on the Moro case, which will remember the events and the difficult and unfortunately still incomplete path in search of the truth.

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